One Fall Day

By | Posted November 5, 2011

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The best thing about Fall is college football.  I’d like to say it’s the weather, but I live in Houston.

This morning Goose woke up and the first thing he said was: “I hope Texas wins today.”  He was barely awake, it was a whisper.  That was his first thought.  Tonight he is rooting for LSU, Alabama a sworn enemy unless they’re playing OU.  He just told me he’s sad that it’s already November because there is less than a month of college football.  He already thinks like this!  God help his wife.  Hopefully, she’s cool like me.

We’ve been trying to take Goose to a Longhorn game this season and today has been the only one that fit our schedule.  My father got tickets for us, and overall, our time at the game was a great success.

A success until the end of the third quarter, then Baby Hulk showed his age.

But really, I’m okay, silliness is a good thing in little boys.  I need to remember that.

Yes, Snoopy enjoyed the game too.



Comments on One Fall Day

  1. From Jenn:

    I bet his wife will be cool. He’ll use you as his standard. 🙂

    Looks like so much fun–I’m so glad it worked out. The only way this day looks like it could have been better is if it began with your pumpkin bread. Well and minus a short meltdown by the little guy. 🙂 But that’s life right?

    Tell Goose he’s all right in our book with all that LSU love!

  2. From cory:

    Very cool. I’ve taken Audrey to 2 games her first was a great game against Okie St. just before a huge 4th down play she stood and threw her horns up. Last year she went to the Iowa St. disaster. She only made it to halftime.

    Cash said Hookem Horns for the first time yesterday. His hand signal could use a little work though.

    • From Nicole:

      BH still has problems making his Horns, which is proof that he has poor motor skills and I shouldn’t get stressed with his handwriting.
      Goose stopped watching the game yesterday. Said he was sick. Couldn’t understand that loss at all. Me either.

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