To Raise Her Right

By | Posted September 10, 2011

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From the second my children come home from the hospital, everyone knows they are Longhorns.  Baby Z was our first baby leaving the hospital in a pink Longhorn onesie.

Baby Z arrived after football season ended for the Longhorns.  She was lucky to miss the disaster that was Longhorn football last year.

It’s a new year and football is back. So we talk.  I talk.  She listens.  I teach her about the Longhorns.  Who we hate, who we don’t care about and the fight song.  She listens so intently.  She will be just like the others screaming “OU sucks” soon enough.

I also teach her to wear burnt orange on game day.  While I’m all about cute pink outfits, on game day she wears orange.  Period.  And for now, I’ll even let her chach out with cute outfits.  I promise she only has three new outfits for the season.


Comments on To Raise Her Right

  1. From Jenn:

    Oh my cuteness! I love all of her girly Longhorn glory! (and that’s coming from a Tiger fan!)

  2. From Nicole:

    Thanks! And she was quite the little model today.

  3. From Denise:

    What GREAT pictures of the little princess. Her smile is so precious it lights up her entire face. My favorite is the two of you looking at each other. Sorry about BH refusing to wear his game day shirt. He should know by now that’s not the way to get in his Momma’s good graces!

    • From Nicole:

      Thanks, Denise. She is being such a sweetie right now. So excited to explore everything. BH…ugh. This week needs to end. Fast.

  4. From Missy:

    Such a cutie! I have 2 girls and they know it’s a game day requirement to wear burnt orange. FYI- Allyson Jackson’s mom makes cute Texas dresses.

    • From Nicole:

      Thanks! I have to say I’m having fun with dresses. I can’t believe how many I wanted to buy.

  5. From Shea:

    That is so ugly it almost makes her ugly. Almost. Fortunately for her she’s so incredibly cute she can’t be ruined by any ugly outfit. Other things that are burned orange and suck: wildfires, construction barrels, carrots.

    • From Nicole:

      You realize she won’t even know who the Aggies are when she gets older?

      • From Nikki Andrews:

        She won’t know the Aggies? I hope not! We shall be long lost rivals from long ago in a few years. I can’t wait! My son won’t know the horns either! I am not a fan of those colors AT ALL but she is adorable. I covered the clothes with my thumb and one eye shut and it worked!! She’s growing so fast!

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