Fourth of July Celebration

By | Posted July 7, 2011

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When you have a house full of kids, even ones as cute as mine, at times you need a change of scenery.

When your dad has a place in Austin where you can crash for free, you jump at the chance to get out of town.

As soon as W’s party ended on Sunday and Squirt finished work, we headed to Austin for a few days of rest.  We cooked, went swimming, saw Lance’s parents’ new place, had breakfast with my favorite aunt and uncle, saw my Granny, my cousin, went to a couple of museums, saw some bats and went on a canoe.

Breakfast with Uncle David and Aunt Diana is becoming a great Austin tradition for us.

Does Goose appear happy right now?

Snoopy, always along for the ride.

Wait for me.

We had not been to Austin as a family since Baby Z was born.  It was really sweet to see my Granny who is turning 90 next month with her.  She acted like Baby Z was her first grandchild instead of her umpteenth great grandchild.  Anytime someone loves my babies, I am happy.

Finally, Squirt and I see the damn bats.

Too cool to smile

Too cool to smile too.

Some time with daddy.

It wasn’t a fancy getaway, but it was perfect for us.  My cousin and his wife are the most amazing hosts around.  They don’t bat an eye when me and my crew enter their home.  Their house is as neat as mine and really nice, and they never mind us coming over.  I can’t say that about half my friends!

Back to reality tomorrow.   Rested.

Comments on Fourth of July Celebration

  1. From Jenn:

    These pics are so sweet. Love the ones with Granny! Glad to see y’all Sunday before you left. Hope you are having a great week!

    • From Nicole:

      You have totally inspired me on doing a party for Baby Z. Have two good ideas already: Gift donation instead of a gift for her, and the handprint ornament for the favor.

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