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By | Posted June 30, 2011

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“Mom, you’re hurting me.”  At the top of No David’s lungs.

That is how I will remember our field trip to the Fine Arts Museum last week.  If you know me, you know I don’t spank my kids.  No matter how much I want to at times.  Not even a hand swat.  It’s just not in me to do that.  Of course, I yell.  A lot more than I want to so I am not trying to pretend I’m better than anyone else by not spanking.

We're hoping to discover some raw talent here.

The thing is you can’t yell in a public place.  But you can get wine at Cafe Express, which is exactly what me and my friend did after our field trip.

Okay, it really wasn’t that bad.  But the boys weren’t as good as I thought they would be either.  Even when they were being good, the attendants would come and snap at them for getting too close to the art.  Totally frustrating because I wasn’t going to let them get close to the art.   I know better.  To keep No David away from the art though I had to hold onto him for a lot of the time.  And he didn’t like it one bit.

Can you imagine people worrying about him getting too close?

I’m all about exposing my children to culture, and now I realize that I’ve been missing in this key area.  I think I’ll be taking advantage of free Thursdays at least twice a month from here on out.

The goal last week was to look at Modern Art, specifically Kandinsky, then go home and create some of our own art.  Instead of looking at the map, we wandered the museum for quite some time before finding the Modern Art.  Afterwards, we came home and made our own art.  And had more wine.

Masterpiece 1

Masterpiece 2

Masterpiece 3

Masterpiece 4

No. 5, a class of it's own.

Comments on Field Trip~Art Museum

  1. From Jenn:

    Your kids have the art gene! Great work kiddos! And cheers to following the museum with wine. Momma needs culture too!

  2. From Nicole:

    I am all about getting culture. I need to find some more!
    I really love museums, hope the boys like it too.

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