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By | Posted June 22, 2011

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This kid has yet to show the same intellectual skills of Goose or the Baby Hulk, but he is definitely smart.


He has his own room.  Not the new BABY GIRL, but the boy who would fit in great with his brothers.  He managed to keep everyone else up so late during the week, we finally had to put him in another room.   By himself.

BUT he refuses to fall asleep so every night he cons Lance into sleeping on the floor next to his bed.  Lance holds his hand while No David squawks nonstop.  Generally, Lance falls asleep before No David does.  Tonight, he even had a pillow and blanket ready for Lance.

The other day he wanted more food and told Lance he would “be his best friend” if he shared.  How can you turn down that offer?

Since the end of the school year, he has decided he hates the gym.  HATES IT.  I have no idea why, but every day when we go, he starts screaming and crying.  Yes, I leave him there.  He cries for at least fifteen more minutes before settling on the floor, refusing to play.  Does this make me sad?  Yes.  BUT…I watch my kids 100% of the time with the exception of my hour at the gym.  I need this time.  I would go early in the morning, but Lance is on the air.  So hopefully, this phase will be over soon.  (It is much better than the BH who cried almost daily for three years at the gym.)  Until then, he keeps it real with his excuses for not going to the gym.  On the way to the gym this morning, he told me he was sick to his stomach and couldn’t go.  So I told him to get out of the car and puke.  He actually tried.

He even offered to have Luc come babysit while I go to the gym.  Interesting since he screams when she comes over too.

On a regular basis, he tells Lance to stay at work.  And more often than not, when we come home and Lance’s car is here, he starts screaming because he doesn’t want him home.

This kid is so cute and smart in a way that makes me so proud.  I can’t wait (kind of) to see what he comes up with in high school.

Comments on No David In Action

  1. From cory:

    This makes me feel better about the hour we have to spend in Cash’s room getting him to sleep.

  2. From Nicole:

    I don’t know where we went wrong with this one. Lance always says that bedtime takes forever because of reading. The sad thing is that we barely read to him b/c now it’s just a race at bedtime. Last night I slept in another room b/c No David ended up with me before BH woke up us to sleep too.

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