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By | Posted June 14, 2011

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Today I took the kids to Miller’s Outdoor Theater with a friend and her two kids.  It was great, the boys took their nature journals just in case we “saw some nature”.  We saw the performance, had lunch and the boys played in the fountains.  Even Goose, the one who is always nervous about stuff like that ran through the fountains with youthful abandon.  It was an awesome site to watch the boys run around with friends and just be boys.  Afterwards, we came home and they wrote a narration about their day.

He really is this cool, most of the time.

Just playing in the rocks.

Searching for tadpoles, I think.

Not sure what he found.

But my post isn’t about today, it’s about tomorrow.  Here is the plan:

make copies for Super Saints
go to Super Saints
lunch and pump, (doesn’t that sound interesting?)
movie with the twins
swimming with Em and the kids
Chick Fil A
pass out

The End.

Comments on My Day

  1. From Jenn:

    Lunch and pump–it’s like dinner and drinks. Ok, well for Baby Z!

    Have fun! I love your all-boy boys!

  2. From Nicole:

    Just found the fish we brought home. Dead.
    Got home that night at 10! Cool mom or bad mom?

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