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I remember the first time I met Chelsea, she was 10.  Back then we talked about who knows what in my trashy little apartment.  Today we talk via Twitter and texting, with the phone as a last resort.  (A tough one for me considering my love of the phone!)  Our topics can vary from bands, she has the same great taste in music as I do, to band leaders, Rhett Miller, to work, to brothers to venting.  To be honest, I probably vent a bit more to her than she does to me.  Is that fair?  Not sure, but she lets me do it, and I’m ever so grateful.

Today she turns 21!  A milestone for anyone turning 21.  The plan was to party at school then come home in a couple of weeks and celebrate with her friends and family in Texas.

Plans change, there were devastating tornadoes across the state of Alabama, hitting very close to her home.  Down the street close.  School has already been cancelled so her father got her home last night.  Just in time to start off her 21st year with a Whataburger.  Not a bad way to start the rest of your life!

I think part of growing up is realizing that plans do change and maturity is accepting those changes with grace.  Chelsea has done just that.  She sees the bigger picture today and while some might think that’s no big deal, we all know that it is.  By nature humans are selfish, they don’t always get that life isn’t always about them.  So when I see her accept her new birthday plans with gratefulness, I am proud.

I’ve watched Chelsea grow up so much these last few years and love who she is becoming.  I continue to pray for her and for her husband to be, (no there isn’t a contender, I just am already praying he is worthy of her).  We love you so much sweet girl and wish you only the best in life.  I thank God you were safe amidst tragedy this week.  Happy Birthday, Chelsea!  Saint Catherine of Sienna, pray for Chelsea today and always.

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  1. From Denise:

    Happy 21st Birthday Chelsea! What a great blog post, Nicole. My baby turns 21 on Monday, makes me sad & also very proud of the man he is becoming.

  2. From Shea:

    Wow! That little girl I babysat all those years ago so Clint and Lance could play golf is 21!!! Happy Birthday, Chelsea, and I’m so glad you’re home safe.

  3. From Nicole:

    It is crazy how time flies. Hate for them to grow up. But I know what you mean about being proud too. And getting a different kind of relationship with them.

    Shea, can you believe it?! Lance didn’t even remember you babysitting. I told him you were trying to impress Clint, right?

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