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By | Posted March 16, 2011

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Is it embarrassing to admit that I am now keeping a notepad (a Snoopy one) in my purse to write down ideas I want to blog about?  Yes, I really do take notes on things I might want to write about later.  I seriously have no shame, but hey, this is my blog and basically my kids’ baby books all in one neat and tidy place.  I can’t forget all the important details of our lives…

So, here are all the things I think you might want to hear about in my life:

I have always said that my kids can’t embarrass me.  I spoke too soon.  Last week, I was at the homeschool store, a store which basically reinforces EVERY stereotype about homeschoolers, and the Baby Hulk LOST IT.  I will take part of the blame for his meltdown in that we had been there for about an hour when it happened, BUT in my defense, he had two kids to play with and a play area in which to play.  It started with him bullying No David, which led to a screaming/crying episode from that child.  When I asked what happened, the Baby Hulk informed me that he had in fact hit No David.  I calmly informed him that he must sit in a chair (in the play area) for the duration of the visit.  At that point, he started to scream/shriek so freaking loud and for SO LONG, I wanted to die.  Every time I am at that store, it is empty.  That day it was packed with moms.  I guess it is time to buy next year’s curriculum.  I am positive that everyone thought I was homeschooling because he is EMOTIONALLY DISTURBED.  I was still so upset by the time I returned home that I asked Lance if we needed to test BH because his behavior was just simply NOT NORMAL.

As an aside, this is another reason I don’t spank my kids.  Because I can honestly say that the only reason I would have spanked him that day was because I wanted him to shut up, and I was so mad that he was embarrassing me.  Not really a good reason to spank.  And probably not a way to calm the situation.

As most people realize, Lent started last week.  Here is my dilemma: what do you say when your kid is about to break their Lenten sacrifice?  Do you let it slide since it’s their sacrifice, their relationship with God?  Or do you gently remind them of what they gave up for Lent?  Or do you make some snarky comment about how they aren’t living up to their Lenten promises despite Jesus dying on the cross for them?  Thus far, I haven’t had to deal with this, but my personality veers toward the third option when confronted.  (I didn’t grow up with Catholic guilt, but I can sure hand it out.)  I basically hold my tongue when Squirt goes to confession, but always wonder if he is confessing things I “think” he should be confessing.  Where is the line between guidance, manipulation, small reminders and basically good parenting without guilt?

Last week I received the sweetest text from my father telling me that he loved me.  I responded in kind.  A few minutes later he sent another one telling me that he loved the kids more.  WTF?  Really, dad?  You love them more?  First, I am your daughter.  Second, I had those kids, so you should love me more just for giving you so many grandkids!  I hope that one day I will be able to have grandchildren, not too soon Squirt, but I don’t ever think I can love anyone more than I love my kids.  Ever.

I have been working my ass off at the gym for the past six weeks, and I’ve lost two pounds.  Yes, two pounds.  I go to spin three days a week, do weights and walk twice a week, and I have tiny results to show for it.  I can fit into my “big” jeans.  I love these jeans and not just because they are my big jeans, they were my first expensive jeans.  Now to fit into my other jeans.  But just in case I was feeling good about myself, I have the lovely YMCA mirrors to  make sure I know exactly how much weight I still need to lose.  You would think the gym would have more flattering mirrors.  I mean, we’re all there working out, throw us a bone already.

Last week was Q week for the Baby Hulk.  I thought we’d study Quartz and rocks.  We went to the museum to look at the stones and such, and he was so not interested.  Regardless, we had an amazing week.  We painted with Q-tips, studied Quarters (money and measurements), played Quarterback and looked at Quilts.  I loved sharing my grandmother’s quilts with him.  And while this sounds really gross, when I opened the trunk with my quilts, I could smell my grandmother.  Now that I have a girl, I really wish I had learned to sew and do all the things that my grandmother could do.

Looking at my list from my handy little notebook, I still have two other topics, but I’ll save those for later.  If anyone is still reading, they must be bored.

I have to share one more thing: Lance gave me the most amazing flowers last week.  Just because.  I am so very lucky to have him for a husband.

Oh, and Paul and Brian are here!!!  So happy!!!

Comments on Happening In My Life

  1. From Jenn:

    Ha! I usually keep a notebook too! There’s no way one woman’s brain can keep track of all of that AND those five kiddos of yours. Speaking of–looking at the pic of Baby Z, who does everyone say she looks like? In that pic it seems like Lance, but it’s hard to tell.

  2. From Nicole:

    I’m glad it’s not only me that keeps a notebook. I also have one for Mass to jot a quick note from the sermon. And really, it helps b/c no matter what the message, how great or applicable it is to my life, I always forget it when I call Lance to tell him about it, like five seconds after mass ends!

    Most people say Lance, but I have had several people say she looks like Goose, which would mean she looks like me since he and I are so alike, but nobody sees that connection!

    Come out Sat to El Real and you can judge for yourself in person!

  3. From Nikki Andrews:

    I saw Baby Z at mass in January. I wanted to go up to you guys after mass to say hi and meet her but I didn’t. Torrey (my husband) led me out of the church in another direction. He’s shy. 😉

    I haven’t been to your blog in about a year so I wanted to see if I could catch her name. No dice. I’ll stick with Baby Z. But I think she is a mix of you both from the pictures you have posted. She’s precious. Congrats!

    • From Nicole:

      Come see us, Nikki. We’ve been going to 9:30 mass lately.

      • From Nikki Andrews:

        Ok it’s a deal! We go to mass at whatever time fits because of my crazy weekend schedule. I will look for you this Sunday though. Can’t wait to meet her!

      • From Nikki Andrews:

        Oh and I have a notepad in my purse with me at all times. My mom just bought me a new one and the cover of it says “High Maintenance doesn’t begin to cover it.” I love it!!

  4. From cory:

    That’s an easy one. You just make a chart and start putting marks by their names. When they ask you what it’s for tell them each mark is a day they’ll have to spend in hell for breaking lent.

    Cash has entered the screaming stage so every trip is an experience.

    The one good thing about being as fat as I am is you have to do very little to drop 6 lbs in 3 days. With my mother in laws cooking, I’m likely to drop another 15 by Saturday.

  5. From cory:

    I have an amendment to the lent hell chart. I think you should put little fire stickers next to the names instead of slashes.

    • From Nicole:

      Hobby Lobby or Michaels for the fire stickers?

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