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By | Posted March 13, 2011

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It’s Spring Break here in Texas, and I’ve been thinking a lot about my past Spring Breaks.  I must admit I’ve had some really great trips.  Starting with the ones my parents took me on as a youngster to the solo trips starting as a Senior in High School and beyond.

And now, we just sit and relax.  Sometimes I feel like we are the only people who don’t leave town for Spring Break.  Maybe when the kids are a bit older, but for now, all we can handle is one “big” trip with them a year and some side trips to Austin.  And they are fine with that, I just sometimes feel a bit guilty considering all I was able to do.

Chelsea is in Paris for the week, which reminds me of so many fun times.  See before I met Lance, all I did was travel.  And mostly I did it alone.  I am so excited for Chel, it’s her first trip to Europe and Paris rocks!  I can’t wait to hear the stories over a glass of wine.  (Because she will be 21 when she comes home from school this semester!)

Anyway…I’m excited about the updates I’ve been getting and fondly recalling my past life as a single girl who travelled.

My parents must realize that it’s Spring Break too because I got this text from dad this week: “I can’t believe I let you go to Europe by yourself.  What the hell was I thinking?”  To which I reponsded, “no joke!”  Dad, “no way Baby Z goes by herself.”  I didn’t even remind him that he let me go to Padre by myself as a senior and that he paid for it.  At least I paid for the Europe trips myself, well mostly.

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