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By | Posted March 9, 2011

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Of all the seasons of the church, Lent is my favorite.  A time to give up and feel good about yourself for not eating chocolate, cheese, sodas or alcohol for forty days.  I used to think if I could just make it until Easter morning, I finished the race. In good time, no less.

Now it’s much more.

Somewhere along the way, I finally realized that the sacrifice required during Lent was more about becoming closer to Christ and not just being a martyr because I gave up Dr Peppers.  (Although really, that was huge!)  It’s about uniting with Him, knowing that my sacrifice is so very small compared to His for me.  It’s about the love I have to show Him in all that I do.

Lent is late this year, and you’d think I was ready weeks ago, but it didn’t work out that way.  We just finished our Lenten Calendar with everyone but Baby Z participating.  We’ve taken one last look at the Alleluia, before putting it away until Easter Sunday.  The Lent Basket is full of books.  And everyone has publicly announced their sacrifices, no changing their minds now.  We had a monkey bread king cake.  I think I need to give up sweets because clearly self control is something I need to work on this Lent.

Today at mass Monsignor asked us to look beyond the criticisms we have of others and see the good that we are missing from them and to likewise look at ourselves and see what else we could be doing.  I’ve actually been working on that so I think I’ll continue along that path.  That and not being such a witch at home.

Lance asked Goose what he loved most and to give that up for Lent.  Am I the most horrible Catholic because I told Goose he didn’t need to give up Big Snoopy for Lent?  I just couldn’t watch him do it.  It would seem I need a lesson in detachment as well as sacrifice.  What a brave boy I have though.  While I refused to allow it, I am impressed with his passion.  Instead he gave up Nacho Cheese Chips (HEB brand), and I’m wondering if he is going to consider Doritos the same thing or not.

Squirt gave up chocolate for which I am very proud because this morning he told me it would be too hard to give up chocolate, and I bit my tongue at my disappointment thinking him old enough to decide for himself.  Amazing what happens when I hold my mouth.

In typical fashion for a four year old, The Baby Hulk gave up something he never plays with so with a bit of an explanation, he decided on all fruit chew type snacks.

No David is still working on his list.

And we’re hoping that Baby Z is giving up her nighttime feedings.

As for me, I’m keeping it private.  I don’t want to be one of those people who constantly talks about how hard their Lent is because they gave up drinking or the like.  My true wish is to grow in virtue, especially the virtue of patience, and to grow closer to Christ while I walk with him.

I do have one question: do I tell the kids that they are allowed to have mini Easters every Sunday or not?  My parents never told me, although I am convinced they didn’t know.  I just don’t think I am going to share that secret with them yet either.

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