Worthless Wednesday

By | Posted February 10, 2011

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This morning I woke up to a sleeping baby! She was so sound and peaceful, and I realized she hadn’t had her 5 am feeding. I was ready to celebrate because this would mean that we were on our way towards getting some sleep. Then I looked for her bottle and it was nowhere to be found. I prayed I had just forgotten to get it out of the fridge at 3ish, but knew my prayers wouldn’t work in this case. Nope, Lance had fed her. It was so nice to have that extra sleep, but at the same time a cruel joke for me to think we would soon return to a normal life.

I dropped Squirt off for his monthly orthodontist appointment. I love this place, I can drop him off and they take him to school. I’m not forced to subject my kids to other patients at 8 in the morning, I don’t miss my workout and they give Squirt a ride to his school. It’s a perfect arrangement except when they screw up his appointment. Turns out he needs an appointment when nobody else is in the office? I know, this sounds super freaking creepy, so he missed class this morning for nothing and has to return. But this time, I get to go as well because there is no way I can leave him all alone in the office. Supposedly, the ortho doesn’t like to be distracted for whatever procedure they are doing this month, but I am positive my little ones will be more distracting than his other patients ever would have been today.
Another day of freezing weather means another missed swim lesson. This time, the swim coach called early to confirm I wasn’t bringing Goose to his afternoon lesson so he didn’t have to go to work and wait on us. Technically, they weren’t closing the place until right after Goose’s lesson so I’m screwed again. Drives me insane to waste this money.
Since I had extra time after school today, I bathed the kids at 4:30 thinking I’d have them in bed by 7. They went to bed at 8:30.
And last, Lance dressed up for me today, but changed before I got home. What was the point?

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