I Don’t Date My Patients

By | Posted January 28, 2011

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The nominations for the Oscars were announced Tuesday morning, and I can rest easy knowing that nobody as bad as Sandra Bullock will win an Oscar this year. It still drives me crazy knowing that she won last year. And while I’m sure she’s nice, and I admit to liking her in Crash and While You Were Sleeping, she so didn’t deserve an Oscar for that POS she did last year. It was almost as bad as Julia Roberts beating Ellen Burstyn years ago.

For whatever reason we STILL haven’t made it to The King’s Speech. I’m going to assume I’ll love it and Colin Firth, and so I can safely say that my biggest problem is that Ryan Gosling wasn’t nominated. He is so damn good.
Baby Z is six weeks today which meant two things for me. First, I got to see my OB on Wednesday, and second, I am back in business at the gym. I honestly don’t know which one I was looking forward to more. With such high hopes for both, there had to be some disappointment and there was. On Wednesday, despite being so excited to see me, my doctor didn’t take the bait when I said we should make plans to get together. I know, it was a bold move on my part, but she sounded a bit sad when she stated how we won’t see each other for another year. Dinner plans only made sense to me. She even bought Baby Z a gift. How many babies do I need to have before I strike a real friendship here???
Then there was the gym, I went back today ready for Body Pump. I got sidetracked visiting Lance at Nick’s Place so I decided I would catch a later class. Only they cancelled the class. Then as I was reactivating my membership, I got charged 12 bucks to cover the rest of the month. Four freaking days! Now I am annoyed that I didn’t just go on Monday. Although they probably would have charged me for one day. Regardless, I managed 3.5 miles before quitting. Not bad after six weeks off, I think.
And while I have been really missing Chelsea lately, especially since she has been a baking queen, I guess it’s a good thing she doesn’t live close by while I’m trying to shed the rest of this baby weight. Let those 20 year old co-eds gain the weight. But for my birthday, I want something really good.
It would appear that Lance and I will be making a visit to Goose’s school next week. It seems some classmate is picking on him. To be honest, I’m not a fan of this kid, he is THE KID everyone wants to be friends with and is already a jerk, if you can call a 6 year old a jerk. And I can since that kid is picking on my kid. I am hoping that Lance can take care of this before I have to go Nicki Grant on the kid.
I managed to survive Lance’s trip without getting in a bad mood or yelling at the kids. Even when I got upset, I held it together. Now to behave like that all the time…I am very happy he’s home though and can’t wait to see what he does to thank me for letting him go out of town so soon after Baby Z was born.

Comments on I Don’t Date My Patients

  1. From Fidoz:

    The King's Speech is pretty great. Colin Firth is spot on and will probably get the Oscar I thought he deserved last year.

    We're making a visit to school next week too. Audrey hasn't been completing her work and getting yellow or red every day since they fired her teacher.

  2. From Denise:

    I know something he better be buying or he is gonna have one angry Momma of FIVE on his hands!
    Glad you survived his trip to SR Bowl.

  3. From Nicole:

    I Can't wait to see King's Speech. I have no idea why we have seen everything but that movie.

    The schools should have a fun time dealing with us. Sorry Audrey is having a hard time dealing with losing her teacher.

    I STILL don't have tickets. At this rate, I will be begging for free tickets again!

  4. From Fidoz:

    Bought our Old 97s tix today.

  5. From Nicole:

    Maybe you can remind Lance to get our tickets, since Denise's reminders don't seem to do a thing!

    Saw King's Speech, awesome! Colin Firth was so good as was Rush. I am bit torn between him and Christian Bale now.

  6. From Fidoz:

    He mentioned on the show today that he needed to get the tickets while talking about what a great wife you are.

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