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By | Posted January 3, 2011

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For Today…January 2, 2011

Outside my window…it’s dark and chilly outside. I love this weather, although it’s a bit harder to enjoy with a two week old! I worry about it being too cold for her.

I am wearing…black pants and a black shirt. I can’t wait until I fit into my clothes. I am not a fashionista, but I am over wearing maternity clothes!

I am grateful for…these past two weeks. Thank goodness Baby Z arrived when the kids were out of school and they could spend some time with her! We have had the best Christmas break. The boys are in love with their new sister and have alternated between singing to her and running outside to play football.

Also grateful…that I have such an easy time after my c-sections. I have been fine since leaving the hospital less than 48 hours after surgery and am ready (I think) to get five kids up and out of the house on Tuesday. But let’s say a prayer just in case I’m not ready…

I am listening to…Liz Phair.

I am thinking…we are so not the Holy Family. A resolution of sorts is to become a better family from the top down to the bottom.

Speaking of resolutions…I resolve to start watching Breaking Bad. Lance loves this show, and I have only watched two episodes. I promise to watch if only to know why Jon Hamm keeps losing the Emmy to the guy on the show. I also resolve to go see a movie with Lance at least once a month! And then there is that patience thing…I’ll work on that too.

On keeping home…All of the decorations are packed away. I never take down decorations before the Epiphany, which is January 6th. I figured since the Church celebrated the feast today, I could too. So everything is packed away and in the attic. I am so glad that I didn’t unpack all my stuff this year. It was much easier to put away. As it was, I still had several tubs of decorations. Now comes the deep clean again. I keep telling Lance he doesn’t realize how lucky he is that his wife is so neat and clean. And that I heal from my sections so well…because let’s be real, I am the one who has kept this house clean despite being told to take it easy for the past two weeks.

Towards Rhythm and Beauty…is there a real rhythm in the house when you have a newborn? I guess next week, we’ll start with a schedule because kids have to be at school, but other than that we’re at the mercy of the baby as it should be for now. The beauty is staring at me every time I hold her. I am so thankful for this baby!

I am creating…plans for Baby Hulk and No David. We’ll take it easy this week, but then we’ll be back in business the following week. In looking over my blog from last winter, we really had a great time celebrating the saints and I hope to make some plans for that as well.

From the kitchen…menu planned and back to a regular diet. We finally went to the grocery store after not going for two weeks. I have no idea how we lasted that long.

One of my favorite things…Castle. My mom bought me the first season on DVD, and I have been able to catch up on everything I have missed. Normally, I wouldn’t like a show like this, but I love it. Both Lance and I find ourselves laughing out loud.

The most romantic thing I did recently…danced with Lance to our wedding song. I was listening to Lenny Kravitz earlier and our wedding song, Heaven Help, came on and we both had the same idea!

A few plans for the week…show off the baby to the ladies at the gym. (No I’m not working out, just going to show her to the caregivers.) playdate, back to swim lessons, clean and enjoy my kids.

A picture thought I am sharing…

This is the picture I used for her announcement, which has yet to arrive. I am totally annoyed because I did the combo Christmas card/birth announcement and now it will arrive possibly on the 5th, one day before Christmas ends.

Comments on Daybook~Hello 2011

  1. From Denise:

    I Love both of those pictures of Marianna. She is one beautiful little girl. Can't wait to meet her.

  2. From Shea:

    She's gorgeous! I can't want to see her in real life.

    Breaking Bad is painful. I can't believe Clint watches it. It is SOOOO slow, and the story never seems to go anywhere.

  3. From Cajun Cowgirl:

    She is just beautiful! Side note–do you happen to know how old babies have to be for babysitting at the gym?

  4. From Nicole:

    Thanks Ladies! We think she is beautiful, but we're slightly biased! I am so ready to show her off for anyone who wants to visit!

    Shea, Lance just read your comment and is horrified…he assures me that now that I am on episode 3, it is really good. We'll see…

    At the YMCA, babies can go at 6 weeks.

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