2010, A Year To Remember

By | Posted January 1, 2011

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While 2010 wasn’t perfect, it did end on the most positive note ever: the birth of our first daughter. Everybody is in love with her, and while we can’t imagine a life without her, there was indeed a life. So here is my “Best Of” for 2010. Happy New Year and many blessings for 2011!

Such high hopes before reality set in.

We celebrated the liturgical year so much as a family, but the Feast of St. Joseph is one of my favorites.

Proudest moment of 2010.

One of five visits with our favorite people in the world.

My favorite thing to complain about is obvious.

A love note!

The ultrasound that changed everything!

My 40th birthday.

This kid hasn’t changed one bit, might be into even more now.

Best Date Night of the year.

The one football highlight of the year. Despite how low the Longhorns went this year, I still laugh at Nebraska.


My two favorite posts of the year about my kids and raising them.

Comments on 2010, A Year To Remember

  1. From Denise:

    Love your best of! Lance better come thru with your best date night for Old 97's at HOB Saturday March 5th! Rhett will be looking for you! Happy New Year!

  2. From Housewives Blog:

    Hey! Don't laugh at my alma mater LOL, we always choke when it comes to Texas. O crap, I have to go call my dad now, Coach yelled at me…

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