St. Gerard

By | Posted October 17, 2010

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Today is the feast of St. Gerard. He happens to be the patron of expectant mothers as well as the Baby Hulk’s namesake. Considering the amount of pregnancies I’ve had, he has become pretty special to me. We didn’t do a lot to celebrate today, but we did bring out the cheesy little statue I have as well as make Holy Cards. Goose’s card was so beautiful and he asked for prayers for both his expectant mom and brother. The Baby Hulk had his father write a sweet letter to St. Gerard.

I truly believe in the intercession of the Saints. When the Baby Hulk was born six weeks early, I know St. Gerard was in heaven praying for him nonstop. In fact, considering how the Baby Hulk acts, I don’t think St. Gerard has had a moment to rest since his birth. I am so thankful for the saints and their prayers for my family. St. Gerard, continue to intercede for me and my sweet little boy.

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  1. From Cajun Cowgirl:

    We prayed for the intercession of St. Gerard to help us become pregnant for a couple of years and still pray for my friends who are struggling with fertility. Amen for this post!

  2. From Nicole:

    Thank you! St. Gerard is awesome. I love hearing stories of other people praying for his intercession. And it was so sweet, that the BH finally feels a connection to him. He even said today he was going to be a priest!

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