Perfect Night

By | Posted October 15, 2010

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Nothing can take the smile from my face. When the Baby Hulk spilled his yogurt all over the place this morning, I said nothing. Five minutes later, he spilled his milk everywhere. “Accidents happen.” Who has ever heard that come out of my mouth on a second spill within minutes? My mood is of course from last night.


I am not exaggerating. With everyone settled, Lance and I made it downtown in time to relax before the show started. We caught up with Denise and Wally, two long-time listeners. Wally wanted to know if we were going to talk kids all night. Denise assured him that I would talk nothing but Rhett all night long!

Last night’s show was incredible. The new album is great. The boys already have a favorite that I heard all last night and three times this morning on the way to school. (It’s song 2.) But the best part came when they played my request. And sweet Rhett just happened to mention that this mom who showed up at Cactus with her kids made the request. And then he smiled at me. Could it get any better than that?!!! If you are 40 with four kids and another on the way, I would say no! Seriously, it’s my favorite song by the Old 97’s, and I loved hearing it live.

I probably sent Chel about twenty messages yesterday about Rhett. I knew she would appreciate my day/night. Maybe one day we’ll go see them together.

I bought two albums yesterday, one for Denise and one for me. When Rhett signed mine to Nicole and the boys, he just signed his name. For Denise, he drew a heart before his name. WTH? I guess four plus kids isn’t that appealing to most men. Thankfully it is to Lance!

Have I mentioned that last night was PERFECT?!!!

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  1. From Denise:

    HAHA! Nicole-Rhett didn't know Denise was a Grandma And almost 50! We had a great time last night the Best Old 97's Show ever! Thanks so much for my signed CD I love the other band members signatures too! GREAT SEEING you & Lance last night & our up close & personal show!

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