Texas Fight

By | Posted September 6, 2010

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We took the boys to the UT game on Saturday. We had been planning this family event all summer. It would be the Baby Hulk’s first football game. Then Lance didn’t get tickets. I was so upset, but not so upset that I was willing to pay for these tickets. Not to be a total Texas snob, but this was just Rice we were playing. I realized that it would only cost more once we were playing better teams, but I didn’t care. I wasn’t paying for tickets to this game. Finally, Lance came through late Friday night with tickets! So we found a babysitter for the baby and took off.

The Baby Hulk was a total bust. I hate when that happens. It’s not that I expected him to be into the entire game, but five minutes would be nice. We had to bribe him with food to get him to watch the game. And let’s be clear, the other boys were just as bad. Between one texting and the other one goofing around, this is their last game for the year. I know Lance and I weren’t watching entire football games at the younger boys ages, but we at least watched part of them and cheered. Lance even said that our little nerd will probably end up at Rice. Fabulous. Anyway, we did get some cute pictures so that one day we can lie about what fun we had at the game.

The Baby Hulk- ready to cheer!

An Inspired Game

Mom and her boys

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  1. From Emily:

    umm – i want to see pictures of the baby bump. actually – screw that, i want to see you! miss you

  2. From Anonymous:

    Wow……sounds like you both enjoy babbling. Your more instresting.

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