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I am not a fan of change. Lance just got a new phone for me and after checking it out, both he and Chelsea determined I wouldn’t like it because it’s too different from my old phone. And there is nothing like a kid to bring about more change. We have four kids and come this Christmas we’ll add another to the mix!

Let’s just get the rude questions out of the way that even some of my best friends have asked. Mainly, “how did you get Lance to agree to another baby?” What I want to say is either I stopped taking the pill or I cut a hole in the condom, except pretty much everyone knows we practice NFP so that couldn’t be the case. So, yes everybody, Lance is on board with the baby. How are you going to afford five kids? Don’t worry people we’re not asking for your help. We’ve got it under control. And yes, there is enough love in our hearts and home for another baby. Will this change things, most definitely. Will I be taking a huge family vacation every year? Not unless 1560 gives us a huge raise or Lance gets the national recognition he deserves. Were you trying for a girl? No, we weren’t. To be clear, Lance wants a girl, while I am leaning towards another boy. But mainly we just want a baby. And not to be the center of everyone’s jokes about having so many kids because, really, five kids isn’t that many and this is our life and family.

Tomorrow I will be exactly 18 weeks pregnant. Today we had an ultrasound, and it appears I’m in for an even bigger change than I anticipated. We’re having a girl! God help me. One day she will read this and know I was leaning towards a boy, and she will never let me forget it. But that is fine. I’m sure this will be least of my problems with a girl. I’m excited thinking about a perfect Christmas this year with a baby girl in a smocked outfit. The kind of outfits that Lance has never let me buy before now. Lance, my love, I have saved you money on clothing until now, but all bets are off. I want smocked, Janie and Jack and boutique clothes for your little girl. You have been warned.

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  1. From Jilly:

    So exciting! Congratulations!!!!!!!!

    P.S. My girlfriend's little girls look the best in Janie & Jack. 😉 MUST HAVE. Ha!

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