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By | Posted June 19, 2010

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Today my baby brought home the MVP trophy from the Rockets Houston Media Classic. 1560 has won four years in a row! This year was even better because Lance and Johnny Harris have worked so hard to be in shape for this game. Not only does my baby look super sexy to me, he feels great and is able to play like a teenager again. Okay, maybe not like a teenager as he actually had to stretch and tape up before the game, but he did manage to snag that trophy today! Congrats to my husband and to 1560 for killing the competition. Again. Double Rods!

Comments on Trophy Husband

  1. From Jilly:

    Congrats to 1560!!!

  2. From Nicole:

    Thanks! Love that they keep winning!

    Hey, I keep meaning to ask you what you thought about the season finale of Castle…I wasn't buying Castle going to the Hamptons with his ex. I know he can't get together with Becket yet, but still…

  3. From Jilly:

    I was going to ask you the same thing! I know they have to keep the story going, and it is WAY too soon to have the lead characters together, and the tension is part of what makes the characters so intriguing, but that was ridiculous. I didnt believe it as a feasible plot point for a second! I wasnt sure if they were trying to make him seem so pathetically lonely that he would go away with the ex just to have somebody along, or if they are backtracking on the side of his personality that coudnt stand her. Hopefully they wrap that up immediately in the fall premiere and move on with minimal discussion and focus on the idea of those two being together. Ugh.

  4. From Denise:

    congratulations to all the guys on the 1560 Team. 4 years in a row! Damn LZ & Harris looking like the younger guys on the team!

  5. From Nicole:

    Denise, I know, don't they look great! I am so proud of their hard work. I know I don't have the will power. I can't even pretend to have will power. Thank God, I work out!

    Jilly, And how did he have time to talk with his ex when he was playing poker with all the authors??? There were so many other things that could have happened other than this storyline. I'm with you, they best wrap this storyline up soon.

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