Lofty Goals

By | Posted May 19, 2010

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A friend invited my family over for the weekend, and Lance is already stressed about it. He is worried about the kids in someone else’s house. Keep in mind, my kids are really neat. Goose is the one who walked into somebody’s house and said he couldn’t play because it was too messy. All of my kids pick up after themselves. Are they perfect, far from it, but I’m not that worried about the boys messing up someone’s house.

I feel like I have created this monster that is so stressed about things being out of place and people coming over and messing up our house. It’s fine when I was the one who hated people coming over, but now it’s Lance too. I finally told him that I wanted to start living. The people who we are staying with are as neat and clean as me. They have social gatherings ALL. THE. TIME. Now I’m not going to start having people over all the time, but I do want to start living and not worry if something breaks or if the house gets messy. I can always pick it up.

So yesterday at Super Saints, there was a little boy who was running around without his diaper. And he peed on the carpet in the playroom. And guess what? The mom didn’t care. She knows I’m a stress case about kids running around my house, but she wasn’t going to get stressed because shit happens.

Lance wanted to know if I was still sure about my new stance on living.

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  1. From Denise:

    Tell Lance to go with the flow & have fun! Most everything can be cleaned up, picked up, swept up, covered up! My house is a wreck still & it's just TWO of us here now! Live life & EFF the small shit! Tell your hubby he & you will regret not spending & doing all & everything that you can while the boys are still home.

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