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Okay, I’m going to say it out loud and there is no way I am the only person who thinks this way…

Why is it that there is Teacher Appreciation WEEK and then there is Mother’s DAY? How did I get the raw end of that deal? To make it completely obvious that I’m getting screwed on appreciation, I am reminded of their week during the same week I should be celebrating my motherhood. Who thought this was a smart idea?

I’ll admit I’m not a fan of Hallmark holidays to begin with. I don’t buy Valentine’s cards for anyone including my Valentine. And Mother’s Day is no exception. I have already declared that I will never go out on one of these holidays again after my experience on both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day last year. How is it that parents get one day a piece, a day that includes going to eat at an overly crowded restaurant with a set menu? And teacher’s get a week. Oh, I know, they are teaching our children. GUESS WHAT??? That is their job! I didn’t get a week when I was a lawyer for people to bring me food and gift cards. Nobody ever felt sorry for me as a lawyer and they don’t now that I’m a stay at home mom. And they shouldn’t. It’s what I have chosen to do.

Disclaimer: While I think the idea of a week is STUPID, I do LOVE Goose’s teacher this year. I know I won’t always, just ask Squirt how I felt about some of his teachers and if those teachers got anything during teacher appreciation week except a complaint for their files.

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