No Baby in 9 months!

By | Posted January 9, 2010

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Everyone knows the story by now…Colt McCoy was out by his 5th play of the game. True Freshman QB with essentially NO experience is running around trying to find his helmet so he can play. After a painful first half where the coaches didn’t let Gilbert pass the ball and continued to run it up the middle, the Longhorns were behind by 18. At half time, I turned to Lance and asked him if we could win this game. I didn’t really think we could, and he didn’t even try and make me feel better.

Then came hope. Bama failed to move the ball in the third quarter and Gilbert finally experienced some success. With a little more than three minutes to go in the game, the score was 24-21. I knew we could win, then Gilbert was sacked, fumbled the ball and all was lost. Bama immediately scored and our chances were gone.

My friend asked me what the fans were like during the game. In the first half, I don’t think the fans knew what to do. (Except for the one idiot girl who started crying. Really, crying????) They were just shocked that we got this far, to the National Championship Game, only to have McCoy go out within minutes. In the second half, most people around us came alive and we could all taste a win. Then we were just crushed.

I’m not one of those people who say…”we could have won with Colt” or that the “best team won tonight”. First, I think we could have won with a freshman. If we had scored on our first drive and Bama hadn’t scored right before the end of the half, we could or rather would have won. As for those who say Bama was better, well, let’s be real, Bama didn’t kill us until the last three minutes of the game and that was WITH the true freshman playing. They had no passing game, and no offense in the third quarter of the game. Sure, Texas hasn’t looked great the entire season, but neither has Bama. They just happened to have the game of their lives against Florida. Who knows if Colt would have played better. I don’t care, he wasn’t playing. I just know we had a chance and lost it. That is what sucks for me.

As for Bama, well, now I have a new school to hate. Sorry Chel and Alexis! You know I love you!

I just have one last thought…what the fuck is with the SEC schools? You win a National Championship and the first thing you chant is “SEC, SEC,…” Lance tried to explain to me how the SEC works and all I could hear was there aren’t any Pro teams, this is all they have except Nascar, but so what? No matter what, when my team wins their next championship, (and I will be there again,) I won’t be chanting BIG 12. Nor would I EVER in my life cheer for OU to win a championship. Who does that? Why would I ever want my most hated rival and recruiting rival to win? Did Auburn really root for Bama? Did LSU fans really forgive Saban and root for BAMA? If so, I don’t even want to understand it. It makes no sense. Here’s a thought, you win a national championship and start chanting your own school name.

So, I’m home and not going to the Bear Bryant Awards next week. I have a Bear Bryant hat that I sometimes wear for Lance. Gone. I hold a grudge, ask any ex.

Meanwhile, I am so proud of Baby Hulk, the first thing he told me when I walked in the door Friday morning was “I hate Bama, mom.” The kid is a freaking genius.

Maybe I’ll have grudge sex and have a baby anyway. Oh, Lance, where are you?

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  1. From Charlie Wemyss:

    Nicole as an avid Auburn fan, I can assure you – I was cheering HARD for the Longhorns (much to the chagrin of my Aggie Wife).

    I do like to see the SEC suceed, especially in today's world where strength of schedule effects your rankings (see 2004 undefeated Auburn team that was not given a chance to play for a NC).

    But that stops at bama . . .

  2. From Cory:

    Greg McElroy shot to the top of my D-Bag hate list.

  3. From Denise:

    HAHA! Awesome breakdown of the SEC. They can't help it listen to the way they talk! I agree can you imagine cheering BIG 12 Big 12!
    Did you find Lance/SEC Guy to make that next baby boy?!!! I love reading your blogs, always good for a laugh & sometimes a tear. Sorry about your Longhorns but hey they were in the Championship Game & you got to go to California where it had to be warmer than Houston.

  4. From Chelsea:

    You're about to lose two fans, Nicole!


  5. From Anonymous:

    I'm glad the Horns lost! Suck it, Texas! If your husband only gets sex when the Longhorns win the BCS, then he's in a bad spot.

  6. From Nicole:

    Since this is a public blog and my parents read it daily, I don't tend to write about my sex life too often. Sorry if you aren't smart enough to figure that out. I wouldn't worry too much about my husband if I were you.

    Suck it, anonymous.

  7. From Chelsea and Alexis:

    We appreciate you telling anonymous to suck it. Alexis wants you to know we're still your biggest fans even though you dislike our school. "We'll show you a good time".

  8. From Anonymous:

    Yeah, right Nicole. I'm sure your husband is thrilled with his action. Ha Ha.

  9. From Anonymous:

    SEC! SEC! SEC!


    SEC Guy

  10. From Anonymous:

    SEC fans are backwoods ignorant. Can't cheer for BlowU. Ever. I can cheer for the ags, as long as they keep going to the shreveport bowl.

    paul in richmond

  11. From Jilly:

    While I wish I had gone to college at a larger university, with a big football program, and I understand the loyalty to your school itself, I dont get the "SEC" thing either.

  12. From Denise:

    Loved hearing you on 1560 this morning! I gotta hear you and Wendy debate the SEC thing! Come on Lance & John make it happen!

  13. From Anonymous:


    CATHOLIC POPE BOWL this weekend





    Went Colt Down I would compare it to The Albert Pujols Home Run

  15. From Anonymous:

    The SEC is super threatened by the Big 12…hence the chanting. They hate the idea that any other conference could be better than they are. They do have a competative advantage in the fact that you could make a 400 on the SAT and be a star in an SEC school. Remember…Shaq got his degree in GENERAL STUDIES from LSU. End of story on the SEC. This is all they have! When texas won the National Championship, the talking heads said the Big 12 had the best football. That hurt the SEC so bad. Now that the Big XII is on the way up, they better look out!

    That being said, I have to agree with you on one thing Nicole…I would NEVER root for my rival. No matter what. Hence, I was yelling ROLL TIDE during the game. 😉


    – Nikki Andrews

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