Michael Jackson

By | Posted June 27, 2009

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We’ve all heard the news about Michael Jackson passing away yesterday. I hadn’t really thought much of Michael Jackson lately. Sure there was always something bizarre to hear about him- from him showing up to court in pajamas to dangling a baby outside a hotel window. Like everyone else that grew up with his music, I’ve been watching videos on youtube and listening to music I haven’t heard in years. And it brought back a memory from years ago…21 years to be exact.

My friends and I skipped school to go drink at someone’s house. During this time, someone dialed 911 from the house. The cops didn’t respond until after school hours so we didn’t get caught skipping school that time! We listened to music all day on MTV, you know, back when they played videos all day long. When The Way You Make Me Feel came on, Paul screamed in sync with Michael Jackson. This is one of my favorite memories of Paul and high school in general. Paul screaming along with Michael Jackson is just not him at all. It still brings a smile to my face.

Here is a link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEU9Q8NlOiY

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