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Today we celebrated Father’s Day, (see below), and I am so thankful to be able to spend the day with my father. I have a wonderful, loving and generous father. I have always known that he loves me and cares about me, and I am so grateful for that. He is probably as stubborn as me, but he is the best dad around and I want to share a few memories of him.

Our ski trips
Our New York trips…seeing Phantom of the Opera for the first of many times
Giving him a hug after he walked me down the aisle at my wedding
Opening my acceptance letter together to the University of Texas
Going to the Rose Bowl and seeing him cry when Texas won the National Championship
being overly generous with everyone
Taking me to see my aunts
Him sneaking in to get a peek at Kobra when he was born, despite being told to stay away until the other kids saw him first!
Him walking in the room after Goose was born
Him with his brothers
Him with my brother
Him with my mom
Him fussing at me in church for not paying attention as a kid
Him calling to remind me of Holy Days of Obligation
Him being slightly controlling!
Him letting go when I married Lance

When I got married, my dad talked about passing the torch to Lance and nobody who knows him thought he would do that. But he has. He has been so respectful of my marriage and while he probably doesn’t agree with all of our decisions, he stays out of our marriage. Well, except for the time he told me how lucky I was to have Lance as a husband and NOT to mess it up.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad. I love you very much.

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