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By | Posted May 11, 2009

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We returned from our trip last night. We had a great time relaxing in the mountains and then spending time with friends in Atlanta. We rented a cabin in Blue Ridge about thirty minutes out of town, up in the mountains. We were so excited about our cabin because we were on the river.

109 steps from the cabin to the river. At about 35 steps, you realized you weren’t even halfway done climbing, but the view was worth it.

We found the cabin on the Internet and talked with the owner several times before our trip about the different amenities. When we planned this trip, we weren’t worried about basketball, but then something happened: The Rockets made it out of the first round of the playoffs for the first time in twelve years. Wednesday night was game 2 against the Lakers. No biggie we thought, the cabin has satellite. When we finally made it to the cabin, we had about thirty minutes before game time. We saw the satellite dish outside, and Lance went to get the channel ready, but after thirty minutes he gave up. We weren’t going to see game 2.
Turns out the owner had turned off the satellite because it only worked in winter when the leaves had fallen. I can’t describe how mad Lance was. He declared the trip a disaster, and we hadn’t even been gone a day. Our cell phones did not work, we had no Internet and no TV. I realize most people wouldn’t need TV while on a relaxing vacation, but this was the playoffs. Turns out the game was incredible with players getting kicked out and technicals galore. A new rivalry has been born, and we missed it, oh and my husband talks about this kind of thing for a living.
The next day we realized we could receive texts if we stood in a certain area of the cabin. So that is how my husband found out that the Rockets lost game 2 and how exciting it was. What was funny is the different versions we heard about the game. It reminded me of that game you play when you are a kid where you have a big circle and the first person tells a secret and the info is whispered all the way around the circle. By the time it gets back to the beginning, it’s a total mess. We heard six guys were thrown out of the game, when only two were actually thrown out, (I think). Lance got over it and even managed to have a sense of humor about missing game 3 and game 4. Right now the series stands at 2-2 so he will be able to watch at least two more games.
Lance and I are not what I would describe as outdoorsy people, but we love the mountains. I love to hike so even though very pregnant when we came here last year, I thought we would hike and see all the waterfalls in the area. We saw two snakes within five minutes and decided against that. This year, it was the same. Lance saw a dead snake on the side of the road and that stopped us picnicking by the river with the boys.

My favorite discoveries on the trip had to do with food, of course. Mercier Orchards had the most amazing fried apple pies. Yes, something you might find at McDonald’s only better. They were so good we stopped again before leaving for Atlanta. I might order these online. The other hit was a frozen dessert we found at the grocery store. I could not believe that Edwards Turtle Pie was so good. Thankfully, Edwards is carried in our local HEB so I don’t have to order that online.

On Saturday we stayed with my Goddaughter. She is 8 years old and just amazing. She loved Kobra and Baby Hulk really liked her. I love my Goddaughter so much. I have only seen her a few times, but each time I see her I am so proud to have her in my life. She is smart, kind and was interested in me and my family. One of my favorite things that she did was ask what I liked to do at home. She also gave me a Pandora bracelet. She has the same bracelet, and we have a matching charm, the Bible. She was really excited because as our charm collection grows, she thought we could continue buying matching charms. I thought that was so sweet. I wanted to see the pandas and gorillas so we took the kids to the zoo. I could have sat there watching the gorillas all day. The new baby panda was pretty cute too.
My Goddaughter received her First Communion on Sunday. This was a beautiful day for her, and she was so excited. She looked gorgeous in her dress and veil. I remember when she was baptized. She wore an amazing gown that has been in my friend’s family for years. In fact, I think the original is in a museum. It is so special for me to witness these events in her life. I hope she knows that I pray for her always and just how special she is to me.

This trip was such a blessing for me. I had time with my kids and husband, and then had the chance to catch up with a dear friend. I hate living so far from the people I love so I am so grateful for the times we do see each other.

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