Celebrating Baptism

By | Posted April 23, 2009

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Happy Baptism Day, Squirt! Tonight, we celebrated our oldest son’s Baptism day. He was actually baptized on April 19th, but due to a hectic schedule this week, we haven’t been able to celebrate this important day until tonight. Just like a birthday or other holiday, we celebrate each child’s baptism yearly. We have a special dinner on our wedding china, look at pictures from their special day and light the Baptism candle. About a month after lighting his candle, my oldest son always asks when he gets to light it again.

After my son lit his candle tonight, my husband prayed for him and for us. I wish I could repeat what he said because it was so beautiful. He reminded us that God bestowed grace into our life that day and that we became members of the Body of Christ, how important it is to live a life of faith and when we fail to ask for forgiveness and know that with Christ we can do anything. I know that I depend on the grace from my baptism daily, although sometimes it seems like I turn my back on that grace. Thankfully, I had a reminder this week to open my heart and allow that grace to work within me. As my son grows older and faces more challenges in life, I pray that he too will open his heart to God’s grace. I love you so much, Squirt and wish I had a picture from that day to share with everyone. (I didn’t have a digital camera back then!) You were so proud to be baptized. May God bless you always, Squirt.

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